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Year 2 to 3

Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday November 1st our class participated in Outdoor Classroom Day. The day was hotter than expected at 30 degrees. To start with our class joined Ms. Pratt’s class in creating an array using natural elements like leaves, stones, bark etc. The teams were then set the challenge of figuring out the patterns in other group’s arrays and continuing the pattern on.   After this we worked on our literacy and specifically poetry. The 2/3s were tasked with creating acrostic poems u...
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Year 2/3 harvest week

This week we have harvested the vegetables growing in our vegetable garden. A few days ago we harvested our carrots and beetroots, and the children all got to take some home. Today we picked the lettuce and we all enjoyed making lettuce sandwiches with it!  
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Mrs Johns’ visit

A very big thank you to Mrs Johns for visiting the Year 2/3 classroom today to talk to us about the Mil Lel Hall. Learning about important local places is part of our HASS curriculum and we certainly learned a lot today about the Mil Lel Hall and why it has been important to the Mil Lel community.  
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Chiropractor visit

Today our class and the F/1 class have had a visit from Dr Nathaniel Thorpe who is a chiropractor at The Chiropractic Domain. He taught us about the role of the spine in protecting nerves and how important this is. We also learned about how to sit properly to take care of our backs, and how to carry schoolbags. We also practised some exercises we can do to keep our spine healthy.  
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Year 2/3 excursion to Woolworths

Today we went on an excursion to Woolworths for an excursion to learn about fruits and vegetables and how they are grown. When we got back we wrote wote a paragraph each, in small groups, to put together to come up with a class recount. Here is a recount we made by using some of the paragraphs that we wrote.   Our excursion “Wow, look at all the different fruits there are!” I said to Grace. “This excursion to Woolworths is going to be fun!”. The first thing we did at Woolworths was to go to...
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How We Fixed The Fairy Tales

During Term 2, the 5/6/7 and 2/3 classes buddied up for a 3D Printing project. Their brief: in small groups, identify a fairy tale and in it, a character who has a problem. Design a 3D object to solve this character’s problem. The 3D objects designed are very creative. It was fascinating to watch the objects become a reality thanks to the school’s amazing 3D printer. The objects were coloured by their creators. They will be displayed in the front office for the first week of Term 3 i...
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Year 2/3 water talks

Thank you very much to Wendy Telfer who came in today to talk to us about her role helping to manage the district’s water supply in her role at Natural Resources Management. She gave us so much interesting information. We all learned a lot, including Mr Savage! Later in the day, the children interviewed each other about what they have learned this term about our region’s water supply and how to use water sustainably.
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