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Years 5, 6 and 7

Black Out Remembrance Poetry In The 5/6/7

Today the students experimented with Black Out poetry on the theme of Remembrance Day. Using letters from WW1 soldiers, the students read the texts before selecting words to highlight and string together into poems. Unused words are blacked out or covered with artwork. The students enjoyed the activity and the poems they created are touching, challenging, creative and visually beautiful.  
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Ancient Greece Alive!

The 5/6/7 class is busy getting ready for their Ancient Greece Museum, which will open its doors on Friday morning for the school’s other classes. The students have been researching different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. Displays will be varied and take the form of posters, mannequins, artefacts, an archaeological site reconstruction, a live play, a short film, games, Powerpoint presentations followed by Kahoot quizzes, as well as food dishes! We are all excited and looking forward t...
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Investigating Electricity With Makey-Makeys

In Science, we have been investigating circuits and electricity. Using “Makey-Makeys”, little invention kits that allow us to turn everyday objects into touch pads that can interact with computers, we tested different materials for their conductivity. We also experimented with creating circuits that will allow electrons to flow through them. Zac’s question: is human hair a conductor or an insulator? Jorja and Ava were the first pair to successfully create a circuit incorporatin...
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Science Week Technology Challenge

Last week was National Science Week, and to celebrate it we ran some special activities. In Design & Technology, the students were given a challenge to design a toy car powered by a rubber band. This task was given without any concrete instructions, and it was fascinating to see the students work in groups to arrive at a solution: And here are a couple of movies showing the two vehicles that actually managed to move beyond the starting line: https://cdos.run/u-0/sites/813/2018/08/...
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Readers Theatre In The 5/6/7

Last week we practised our fluency and expression through a readers theatre exercise. The students chose pieces to practise and read out in groups. Their aim was to create an entertaining rendition of their chosen piece for their audience. The performances were enjoyed by all and Mrs Harradine’s costumes were very much appreciated, once again! https://cdos.run/u-0/sites/813/2018/08/12160116/My-Movie-1.mp4
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The Wonderful & Colourful Barbapapas!

At the end of Term 2, the 5/6/7 students were introduced to the Barpapapas: French cartoon characters who can take on any shape they want to solve problems. The students’ end-of-term assignment was to create a Barbapapa character out of clay, paint it, and create a bedroom for it reflecting its personality. They had to develop simple descriptions of their character and their room. The descriptions were recorded on audio and linked to a QR code displayed on the side of the bedroom. On the l...
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How We Fixed The Fairy Tales

During Term 2, the 5/6/7 and 2/3 classes buddied up for a 3D Printing project. Their brief: in small groups, identify a fairy tale and in it, a character who has a problem. Design a 3D object to solve this character’s problem. The 3D objects designed are very creative. It was fascinating to watch the objects become a reality thanks to the school’s amazing 3D printer. The objects were coloured by their creators. They will be displayed in the front office for the first week of Term 3 i...
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Countdown Maths

“Letters And Numbers” is a game show that used to be shown on SBS. In this Australian adaptation of a French TV show, contestants battle to form the longest possible words out of letters picked at random, and to reach a given number target using only specific numbers also drawn at random. In our class, we use the free web-based program “Countdown Maths” to warm up our brains each morning. Students draw 6 numbers at random. They can choose between “big numbers”...
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