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Classroom News

Our learning intentions

This week our social learning focus is around the value of “it takes great strength to be sensible” Below is an image of our learning intentions for the week. These are displayed in our room so we are all aware of the focus for each learning area throughout the week. A class newsletter has been sent home with your child outlining learning and events for the term. If you are able to stay and listen to children read in the mornings this would be greatly appreciated.
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Ancient Greece Alive!

The 5/6/7 class is busy getting ready for their Ancient Greece Museum, which will open its doors on Friday morning for the school’s other classes. The students have been researching different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. Displays will be varied and take the form of posters, mannequins, artefacts, an archaeological site reconstruction, a live play, a short film, games, Powerpoint presentations followed by Kahoot quizzes, as well as food dishes! We are all excited and looking forward t...
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Year 2/3 harvest week

This week we have harvested the vegetables growing in our vegetable garden. A few days ago we harvested our carrots and beetroots, and the children all got to take some home. Today we picked the lettuce and we all enjoyed making lettuce sandwiches with it!  
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Police Visit

This morning George’s dad Owen and 2 of his colleagues, Simon and Sophie, came to our school to talk to us about what they do as Police.  They showed us their equipment including the handcuffs, baton, bullet proof vest. We were all able to try the vest on (without the metal plates as this would be too heavy!) They showed us how their radios work, we even said “hello” to the Mount Gambier Police Station and they spoke to us through the radio! We climbed in the Police wagon and waved as they...
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Investigating Electricity With Makey-Makeys

In Science, we have been investigating circuits and electricity. Using “Makey-Makeys”, little invention kits that allow us to turn everyday objects into touch pads that can interact with computers, we tested different materials for their conductivity. We also experimented with creating circuits that will allow electrons to flow through them. Zac’s question: is human hair a conductor or an insulator? Jorja and Ava were the first pair to successfully create a circuit incorporatin...
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