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Foundation and Year 1

Being scientists to explore light

We have been exploring light. Yesterday we used black cardboard to make a telescope. We put a sticker on another piece of cardboard and had to explore how many holes were needed to be able to see the sticker. This lead to great discussions about the size of holes letting in different amounts of light, the angle of the sticker and the angle of the light coming into the telescope, where people were standing in the room-close to a window/far from a window. We also came up with interesting wondering...
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Maps for the BeeBots

We created maps for the BeeBots. We used grid paper and materials to create obstacles for the BeeBot to move around. We then used our coding arrows to show the path to program the beebot around the map. The children used their cooperation, commuinication and thinking skills throughout this learning experience as well as building on their technology and mathematics skills.     
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Creating Habitats

On Tuesday we created habitats for worms and snails. We had researched what snails and worms need to survive and found out that they like to eat scraps. Mrs Cameron brought in some food scraps and we collected our fruit scraps as well to add to the habitats. We used the spades to dig the scraps into the dirt. We put leaves and stick in for shelter and used the watering cans to add water as worms and snails like damp, cool places.    
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Preservice Teacher- Mrs Cameron

This week we welcomed Mrs Cameron to our class. Mrs Cameron is a 3rd Year Pre-service teacher who will be with our class for 5 weeks. Throughout her 5 weeks Mrs Cameron will gradually increase her teaching load to gain as much teaching experience as she can. Please make Mrs Cameron feel welcome and feel free to have a chat with her next time you are in our class.  
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Team Work in The F/1 class

So far this term we have had a focus on working together and getting along. We have participated in hands on learning experiences to practise working as a team and develop our problem solving skills. The children are enjoying these STEM based challenges and are using critical and creative thinking and developing problem solving skills as well as learning ways to communicate and work as a team. Challenge 1- Create a bridge using cups and pop-sticks to hold 20 teddies. We had 3 different challenge...
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