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Foundation and Year 1

Week 4 in The F/1 class

This week our learning will focus on the following topics.   If you have any time in the mornings to listen to children read this would be greatly appreciated.   Mrs Grubb will be teaching the class on Monday and Tuesday this week . On Monday I will be attending a STEM Professional Development day. This is part of the project that Mrs Pratt and I have been involved in this year. On Tuesday I will be attending an Early Years Teachers Professional Development day with other Early Years ...
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Outdoor Classroom-building and mixing

We made a mud kitchen area at the rock circles to explore mixing different items. The children had a great time experimenting with making runny solution, thick solutions, adding hard objects like rock and bark or adding soft objects like leaves, flowers and grass to see what happened to the mixtures. Children also used their natural collection to create a water city with a catapult. They worked together to engineer a town where the water could flow and the water filters ...
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Outdoor Classroom Day- Making Nests

To start our outdoor classroom day, the Year4/5s and F/1 classes buddied up to make nests. Children worked in pair to create nests using natural items they found around the school yard, as well as string or pipe cleaners to hold some pieces together. It was a great morning of collaboration, problem solving, communication and being resourceful. Have a look at what we created!  
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Police Role-Playing in Discovery Learning

This week in our Discovery Learning the children have set up a role play area using the police dress ups. They have shown great strength to be sensible in their role playing and think of ways to play ‘police’ without running and catching ‘robbers’. The children created an elevator where people could be trapped then the Police rescue them, also a Police Station and made a set of traffic lights for the ‘traffic police’ to monitor. Throughout role playing childre...
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How do objects move?

In science, we are exploring ways objects can move. We found and discussed ways to move objects by pushing or pulling. Then we used the lego kits to create an object that can be pushed or pulled to move. The children had to make their object on their own then explain to their peers what they did and how the object moves.
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Our learning intentions

This week our social learning focus is around the value of “it takes great strength to be sensible” Below is an image of our learning intentions for the week. These are displayed in our room so we are all aware of the focus for each learning area throughout the week. A class newsletter has been sent home with your child outlining learning and events for the term. If you are able to stay and listen to children read in the mornings this would be greatly appreciated.
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Police Visit

This morning George’s dad Owen and 2 of his colleagues, Simon and Sophie, came to our school to talk to us about what they do as Police.  They showed us their equipment including the handcuffs, baton, bullet proof vest. We were all able to try the vest on (without the metal plates as this would be too heavy!) They showed us how their radios work, we even said “hello” to the Mount Gambier Police Station and they spoke to us through the radio! We climbed in the Police wagon and waved as they...
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