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Year 2 and 3

Year 2/3 excursion to Woolworths

Today we went on an excursion to Woolworths for an excursion to learn about fruits and vegetables and how they are grown. When we got back we wrote wote a paragraph each, in small groups, to put together to come up with a class recount. Here is a recount we made by using some of the paragraphs that we wrote.   Our excursion “Wow, look at all the different fruits there are!” I said to Grace. “This excursion to Woolworths is going to be fun!”. The first thing we did at Woolworths was to go to...
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How We Fixed The Fairy Tales

During Term 2, the 5/6/7 and 2/3 classes buddied up for a 3D Printing project. Their brief: in small groups, identify a fairy tale and in it, a character who has a problem. Design a 3D object to solve this character’s problem. The 3D objects designed are very creative. It was fascinating to watch the objects become a reality thanks to the school’s amazing 3D printer. The objects were coloured by their creators. They will be displayed in the front office for the first week of Term 3 i...
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Year 2/3 water talks

Thank you very much to Wendy Telfer who came in today to talk to us about her role helping to manage the district’s water supply in her role at Natural Resources Management. She gave us so much interesting information. We all learned a lot, including Mr Savage! Later in the day, the children interviewed each other about what they have learned this term about our region’s water supply and how to use water sustainably.
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Year 2/3 guest speakers

A big thank you to Russel and Belinda for coming into our class over the last two days and talking to us about how water is used at their work. The children enjoyed hearing about how water is mixed with methanol and sprayed into airplane engines to help them take off, and also about the range of uses for water at a trucking company. The children thought of lots of interesting questions to ask before and during their visits. Thank you again!
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Macroinvertebrates (water bugs) in the Year 2/3 class

Today Damien from Natural Resources Management SA came to our classroom. Since we have been learning about groundwater systems, and how to keep water sources clean, in general, he brought some water from the Valley Lakes area. We were able to assess the health of the water by examing the macroinvertebrates that we found in it. Some of the macroinvertebrates we found were ones that are very resilient and can live in most bodies of water. But we also found lots of macroinvertebrates that are very ...
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Year 2/3 excursion

Today the Year 2/3 class went on an excursion. We had two different areas of focus. The first was a HASS focus where we gathered as much information as we could about who (and what) uses the Blue Lake, and for what purposes. We will also be using what we’ve seen today as a catalyst for studying how the Blue Lake area has changed over time.   The second focus was a Science/Geography focus where we learned about groundwater – how water gets underground, the flow of groundwater int...
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Mixtures in Science

This morning was a busy morning in the Year 2/3 class. We watched a YouTube video about oil spills in the ocean and the impact that they have on birds and other wildlife. Then we set to work to discover how oil spills could be cleaned up from the ocean, and from bird’s feathers. We tested three liquids to see which one mixed with oil the best. We worked out that detergent mixed with oil the best. We also worked out that paper towels were the most absorbent type of cloth that we had. So we went ...
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For Science this term we have been exploring mixtures – who uses mixtures, for what, where they are found etc. Over the last couple of days we have been seeing how a range of substances mix with other substances. We have combined cocoa powder, icing sugar, and puffed rice in different combinations. Also, we have been testing what happens when cornflour and water are combined, and how the mixture changes when different amounts of water are added. This afternoon we were mixing water, oil, an...
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Clean Up Australia Day

Since Clean Up Australia Day is this weekend, the Year 2/3 class did a rubbish pick-up in the school grounds today. Below is a photo of the children’s reactions when I suggested the rubbish pick-up (there may have been just a touch of acting!) We had a spare 5 minutes after we finished so we wrote some sizzling starts together. The names listed below each one is the name of the person who came up with the idea, but we worked on each one as a class to refine them… “AARGH!! Help, a s...
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