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Year 5, 6 and 7

Beach Clean Up Mission Is A Success

On Monday this week, our excursion to Brown’s Bay was back on! The 5/6/7s enjoyed a tremendous day at the beach. The students all had a lot of fun whilst doing their bit for the environment and consolidating their Science learning. Since the start of the year, we have been focusing on the ocean and its importance to humans. We’ve explored the mechanisms of ocean currents, the impact that the ocean has on climate, and the impact that Climate Change is having and will likely have on t...
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Autumn Art in the 5/6/7

Lovely Autumn Art produced by the students last week. A three-step project, including white paint impressions of dried leaves, cool colour background and soft & oil pastels in warm colours over the white leaf prints. Some artworks burst with loud and joyful colours, others are more subtle – all are a delight to look at. Come in to our classroom to admire them – they look so much nicer in real life!
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Les Marrons De l’Automne: French Craft

Oh, it felt very nostalgic for me today in the 5/6/7 class! I introduced the students to the art of making creatures with conkers. Conkers – “marrons” in French – are the seed of the Conker or Horse-Chesnut tree. These trees are extremely common in France – indeed, just about every French schoolyard boasts at least one Conker tree. French kids love creating creatures out of conkers and matchsticks – I spent many hours as a child making small toys out of conker...
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Shaylah’s Lesson: Easter Baskets Weaving

On Thursday last week, Shaylah taught the 5/6/7 class how to weave Easter baskets. She’d had the idea to make them, so she was asked to research the method, trial it and organise supplies with the help of Mrs Jones, prior to teaching the class how to make the baskets. Shaylah did a fantastic job, explaining the method clearly and helping everyone through a task that tested all children’s motor skills and persistence. It was interesting to hear Shaylah’s peers comment on how ve...
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Maths: observing patterns to solve problems

In Maths, we love using problems from the Nrich website: they’re designed to make you think, use visualisation and be resilient… it’s not about speed, it’s about making connections and developing our enjoyment of problem-solving. “Which Script?” is the title of a problem tackled by some students, in which they were presented with a table containing 6 numbers written in 5 different scripts… Here it is below: Students had to sort out the different scripts...
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Mil Lel 5/6/7 Students’ Writing Showcased In Writing Challenge!

Most weeks, our class participates in the “100 Word Challenge” global writing competition, using our blogs as a platform. Last week the students brainstormed in small groups how to “tighten the tension” in their writing, especially through the use of descriptions focusing on the five senses. The writing was published on their blogs, and the feedback we received this week was really exciting! Mrs McKenzie, a 100 Word Challenge commentator from New Zealand said this about ...
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Mystery Class Video

The 5/6/7 class is about to buddy with another class… somewhere in the world! Part of our getting to know each other is playing the “mystery class” game. Both classes make short videos which are shared privately with each other and in which they drop hints about where they are located. Following the videos, we will ask each other yes/no questions and race to be the first class to guess where the other is located! We will be watching our buddies’ video on Tuesday. Here is ...
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